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Refinance your home mortgage after divorce.

If one party doesn't wish to sell, refinancing allows you to maintain ownership.

Have you and your spouse decided who gets the home after the divorce is finalized? Then it may be time to refinance your home mortgage. Apply for a home refinance mortgage at today.

We know that a divorce is difficult, and often the most stressful part is dividing the assets in the wake of finalization. Don't let the details or the financial burden overwhelm you. The process for refinancing is pretty simple after a divorce (at least, as simple as any part of a complicated divorce can be).

Home mortgage refinancing allows you to keep your home after a divorce.

If you have been awarded the home in a divorce settlement, your ex-spouse will need to file what is called a quitclaim. In order to remove a name from the home mortgage and deed, you must refinance the home and file the quitclaim deed. By refinancing the home, you are agreeing to a new loan with new terms and conditions that repay the original mortgage. The quitclaim removes the co-borrower's name from the deed, leaving the remaining borrower owning the property in full. Refinance your home mortgage with competitive rates and fair terms - and own your home.

By applying for home refinancing, you can estimate what you can comfortably afford and lock in a fair rate. Once the new mortgage and quitclaim are approved, the home will be yours and you won't have to sell. Now you and your family may remain in the home while removing your spouse of any ownership rights. Get started on refinancing your mortgage today.

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